PlicoMed is a simple and accurate tool for analysis of your body composition and health.
PlicoMed is extremely reliable because it is based on scientific analysis methods supplied by years of medical research on athletes and sedentary.
With this app, in addition to the percentage of fat mass and lean mass, you can calculate your somatotype and various indices related to your health that will allow you to control every variation of body components.

What is PlicoMed

Plicometry is a simple and fast measurement of your fat mass, lean mass and somatotype, able to keep under control your weight variations.
Plicometry is one of the currently most reliable and cheapest methods of obtaining a precise assessment of body composition. PlicoMed is a tool dedicated to all professionals who want to make accurate measurements. In particular, it is aimed at doctors, nutritionists, coaches, personal trainers and athletes. The tools needed for PlicoMed evaluation are: a plicometer, a caliper, a tape measure and a scale.
PlicoMed allows you to track the history of your results by memorizing all the measurements whenever you want, so you can monitor the results of your training and / or your diet.

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Martina Bianchini

Utilizzo PlicoMed per monitorare il mio stato di forma in vista delle competizioni.

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We are specialized in: body recomposition, weight loss and muscle definition, increase in muscle mass, physical preparation aimed at improving sports performance, health training, functional training and fitness skills.

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